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Floripes, legend of Olhão finally painted

In the Algarve there are a lot of legends. Most of them from the time of the Moorish occupation.

One legend is still alive: Floripes, legend of Olhão.  Floripes was a beautiful Moorish woman who was left behind  when the Moorish were expelled  from the Algarve. Also her fiance fled away without taking her with him. But he came back to pick her up. Unfortunately his boat cracked on a rock and he drowned.  From that time Floripes was enchanted.

Inhabitants of Olhão can still tell the story and some of them even still believe in the legend.

You can read the whole story (in Dutch) on a website named Portugal Portal:  Here you will find also a link to a film from 2006 about the legend of Floripes (in Portuguese).

It was a brain breaker to me deciding how to paint this legend.  The sky and the sea were the easy parts and just the décor of what the story tells.

More than 2 months this story was in my head. Made some prestudies of it, but couldn’t get it to a whole. Finally I decided to paint Floripes in a glass box because of the belief (or is it fear?) of the fishermen, from which they can’t free themselves: the anxiety to die on the sea. But also Floripes herself is captured in her enchanted state. She also can’t free herself of the curse.

I hope you will enjoy this painting and the legend of fear and hope. Thea Booijink

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Paint classic!

It continues to itch. Drawing real bodies. So this week I have drawn and painted in a more classic way. I got it on the canvas rather quick, with a dark underpainting. But the composition was not satisfying for me.

Through this process I go more often. The painting doesn’t give a feeling, it doesn’t look yet. And then I remembered a quote that painting is mainly simplifying. Remove all that is not necessary. I don’t know any more who it was, but it could have been very well Picasso. He was a genius in simplifying.

Meanwhile I also started adding some color. But I was too careful with that. The dark areas remained much too dark and didn’t have a the right look and feel.  Besides that it was also not “painterly” enough. It looked dull. The painting needed more life!

And then comes the most difficult moment. The moment you put a brush full of paint on it, you cannot go back and you have to continue on the chosen path. So swallow 3x while making the first stroke. I have also read that painting is mainly daring. It is really true. Daring to screw up something gives much more painting experience than continuing on a careful path.

And this has now become the end result. You can see it in my paintings page. I hope you’ll like it. Thea Booijink

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Morning Light (nude)
Morning light (nude)