turbulance in Spring 2020
turbulance in Spring 2020

In this blog I share with you what inspires me, my passions, struggles and lessons learned, works in progress and my finished paintings.

  • Portugese Tomatoes (painting process)
    A detailed description of the experience and process of figurative painting Portuguese tomatoes.
  • Broken Glass
    The symbol of broken glass means transformation and change. Broken glass gives you a new opportunity in life. That is the subject of these paintings.
  • Cistus Ladanifer painting
    Each Spring, the Cistus Ladanifer (rockrose, gumrose, labdanum) takes over the landscape of the Algarve with abundant white flowers. It is a rather invasive plant which overgrows all the abandoned farmland. But in Spring you forgive this plant that bad habit. It is so beautiful to see them in the morning sun, opening their flowers… Read more: Cistus Ladanifer painting
  • Riders on the storm in a painting
    A heavy thunderstorm in November that kept me awake for a night, inspired me to paint these 2 paintings. They belong together (diptych) and are for sale. It reminded me of the Doors song, “Riders on the Storm” (June 1971). Although Morrison must have given it a more existential meaning than the one I give… Read more: Riders on the storm in a painting
  • Lady with turban 2 (painting process)
    It’s a long time ago that I wrote about my painting process. This time I wanted to give attention to the highlights and darks in a painting. A good amount of highlights and darks can give a dramatic effect on a painting. The old masters and especially Caravaggio, often used this technique to create more… Read more: Lady with turban 2 (painting process)