Cistus Ladanifer painting

Cistus ladanifer, rock rose or gum rose

Each Spring, the Cistus Ladanifer (rockrose, gumrose, labdanum) takes over the landscape of the Algarve with abundant white flowers. It is a rather invasive plant which overgrows all the abandoned farmland. But in Spring you forgive this plant that bad habit. It is so beautiful to see them in the morning sun, opening their flowers towards the sun and gently waving in the wind. April is the month with the most flowers and every year again I have to take photos of it. So why not paint them?

I did already an early one in 2018, which is sold.

So it was time to make new ones. This time I took another viewpoint, in full front of it.

And here the end result 90 x 60 cm on canvas (it is for sale):

Cistus ladanifer painting

I also did a smaller one on a 60 x 50 cm on canvas.

And this is number 2! (also for sale, 50 x 60 cm):

Cistus ladanifer, rock rose or gum rose

I enjoyed the painting process, I hope you will enjoy the end results! If you want to e-mail me, you can go to my contact-page.