It’s all about feeling.
A painters ultimate expression.

A brushstroke is a word.
Many brushstrokes are a story.

Thea Booijink has born in the Netherlands, nowadays living and working in the Algarve. She used to make figurative work but lately her work became more and more abstract.

As a self-taught artist navigating the realms of abstract figurative art, her work serves as a testament to the intuitive expressions that come from within.

Her artistic journey, marked by self-discovery and continuous creativity, reveals a visual language that speaks to the connections between abstraction and the tangible world.


Her inspiration comes from everywhere, something that catches her eye, a feeling, a book text or a poem. She also draws a lot of inspiration from nature.

Each painting is an exploration of form and a translation of the human experience, inspired by impressions of human characters and lately also increasingly by nature.

If the idea is viable, some sketches are made to look for the right balance in composition, values, lines, color and other components. But a lot goes by feel. The painting is leading.
Through a dynamic interplay of shapes, colors and lines, she strives to capture the inexpressible essence of the figure or nature.

She had her first exhibitions in 2020 and 2022 and her paintings and drawings are already spread over Europe: Germany, France, Portugal and the Netherlands.

She doesn’t do commissions but her paintings are for sale. For more information about prices or to make an appointment for a studio visit you can contact her.