Paintings and Drawings


It’s all about feeling.
A painters ultimate expression.

A brushstroke is a word.
Many brushstrokes are a story.
This is my story.

Thea Booijink was born in the Netherlands in the early fifties of the previous century. In that days creativity wasn’t supported. In her youth drawing lessons on school consisted in making an exact copy of the drawing plates that hung in the front of the classroom. Working outside the given lines was taboo. But at home she had lots of creative hobbies and was always making and constructing things.

Later, her creative imagination developed more and more, which was expressed in wall tapestry designs and pottery. However she made a different career path.


After a break with her career she moved to Portugal, where she and her husband build a new life as real pioneers. It still took 10 years more before she discovered that she wanted to paint.

Pandora’s box went open. Egon Schiele, Gerhard Richter, Lucien Freud, Andrew Wyeth, Marlène Dumas and many others inspired her to continue. More than 50 years after her drawing lessons at the primary school, she realized that on the one hand she had to learn to draw again, but also had to do much more to develop her own style. It was a journey of discovery and it still is. Every day is a learning day.

Self taught artist

She trained herself in drawing with the help of YouTube. At this point she mainly want to learn to “see” and master techniques. Gradually some choices were made. Whereas in the past abstract work fascinated her nowadays mainly figurative play a role. That means, there is always some reality at the base of the painting. Although sometimes it ends rather abstract.

In addition to the figurative content, expressionism is written in her heart. An idea must literally “come out”, reveal itself while painting.


Her inspiration comes from everywhere, something that catches her eye, a feeling, a book text or a poem. She also draws a lot of inspiration from nature. Gradually an idea forms in her head to work this out. That can go on for a long time. And sometimes the idea disappears into the background to make way for a new idea. If the idea is viable, some sketches are made to look for the right balance in composition, values, lines, color and other components. But a lot goes by feel. The painting is leading.

She had her first exhibition in 2020 and her paintings and drawings are already spread over the world: Dubai, Germany, France, Portugal and the Netherlands.

She doesn’t do commissions but her paintings are for sale. For more information about prices or to make an appointment for a studio visit you can contact her.