Broken Glass

Broken glass I

We have all experienced life changing things that have happened to us. There are times in life when everything is turned upside down. That you have to find a new way because the old one no longer fits. These 2 paintings have these turbulent times as their subject.

Broken glass  meaning

The symbol of broken glass stands for transformation and change. It indicates that you have to accept changes and have to keep going, no matter how hard that is.

You cannot turn back what happened, so a defeatist attitude makes no sense. You have to go on and make something of it. Broken glass gives you a new opportunity in life.

Whenever glass breaks, it signifies the end of a timespan.  There is no way to fix broken glass.  It is the moment to leave your old life behind and step through the broken window into a new world. Don’t let limiting thoughts and squeezing bonds keep you from taking this new step. Break out of the limitations and seize the new opportunities to develop yourself. Believe in yourself and your own abilities. Your own strenght always will prevail.

These 2 paintings are available. You can see them in bigger format here (scroll to below). For more information please contact me.