Artist Statement

the old vine

It’s all about feeling. It is the painters ultimate expression. A brushstroke is a word. Many brushstrokes are a story. This is my story.

I am a self-taught painter. The process is an investigation into what moves me. An investigation that will never end because of “panta rhei”: everything is moving, everything is always evolving. And also I am always evolving.

I paint and draw what moves me and what catch my attention. It could be a light that falls on the leaves, a person who reveals his character or an old trunk in the river. Every research for a painting becomes a part of myself and invites me for new research. A never ending story.

My paintings are between figuration and abstraction. From the observable world I make my own translation into a drawing or painting. Sometimes this is a fairly realistic image, but it can also be an abstraction or a combination of both.