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Art is all about feeling. It is the painters ultimate expression. A brushstroke is a word. Many brushstrokes are a story. This is my story. I am a self-taught painter and developed my drawing and painterly story in the last 3 years. Before that time, I never painted although I had some creative expressions in young adulthood. The process is an investigation into what moves me. An investigation that will never end because of “panta rhei”: everything is moving, everything is always evolving. I am always evolving. And every research for a painting becomes part of myself and invites for new research. A never ending story. My paintings are between figuration and abstraction. From the observable world I make my own translation into a drawing or painting. Sometimes this is a fairly realistic image, but it can also be an abstraction or a combination of both.

Website in the air

Since the 6th of March 2020 my website about my art is really in the air! It took some days to develop this website and not everything is already working well, but it functions. I hope you will really enjoy and navigate through my website often. I am proud to introduce you to my work of art which I developed in the last 3 years. In 2017 I mainly did drawing, I wasn’t ready yet for painting. But at the end of that year I felt more confident and started with some self-portraits. And then I began with my first […]