Paintings and Drawings


Paintings made in 2020 and available for purchase

Most of my paintings are figurative.  Mainly because they have a story to tell. As an expression of my feelings.

But sometimes I also paint just for the joy of painting, creating something I didn’t know yet. Following the process of my hart.

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(Colors and brightness may differ slightly in real life)

Riders on the Storm


Riders on the Storm

Acrylic painting on canvas (diptych)

80 x 100 x 3,5 cm


Lady with turban


Lady with Turban

Acrylic painting on canvas

40 x 50 x 1,5 cm

Summer boy

2020 Summer boy

Acrylic painting on canvas

40 x 50 x1,5 cm


2020 Anouncement

Acrylic painting on 3D canvas

60 x 50 cm x 3,5 cm

Inner thoughts acrylic portret on canvas

Inner thoughts 2020

Acrylic painting on canvas

40 x 50 cm x 1,5 cm

Morning Light (nude)

Morning light (nude) 2020

Acrylic painting

Artists Canvas Laminated Board 280 gr

40 x 50 cm x 2 mm

Transformation (blue-boy)

Transformation (Blue Boy) 2020

Mixed Media and acrylic paint on 3 D Canvas

60 x 60 x 3,5 cm